tracking your sales You should have a clear understanding of Tracking Your Sales

Tracking Your Sales:

Like any business, it is absolutely vital to track and maintain your sales records. Tracking your sales should be a clear understanding of your income and expenditures. There are many ways for tracking your sales.

Using orthodox methods such as keeping a paper journal is time consuming. Simple spreadsheet programs as well as basic accounting software Apps are available at minimum or no cost for tracking your sales.

However, it is advisable to install advanced accounting software such as QuickBooks, Quicken, or Money to keep tracking your sales.

Such advanced programs save you time by sorting your register transactions by date, transaction amount, document number (e.g. check number), order entered, or cleared status.

tracking your salesThe tracking your sales feature included in such software tracks, by user, changes made to each transaction. Daily, weekly, monthly as well as yearly sales reports can be generated with a few clicks.

These reports help you analyze the sales of each and every product. Logs and reports can be generated to keep track of all your customers.

NOTE: Affiliate marketing solves many of the aforementioned tracking your sales problems for you automatically. When you become an affiliate and resell other company’s products for a profit.

The company you are affiliated with keeps track of your traffic and sales automatically and presents all this information to you in easy to read charts and graphs.


Building Credibility and Maintaining it
Finally, make sure that you build trust and credibility for your business. We discussed earlier the importance of credibility. Credibility is a key ingredient for any successful business venture.

Building and enhancing the credibility of the products and services you offer is an ongoing and full-time effort.

Why not make sure the website you use works as hard as you do to establish credibility? Let’s look at elements that can be built into a well-designed website to enhance credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

Offer a Guarantee
Nothing beats a solid, believable guarantee for building credibility online. It may be hard to believe, but buying via the Internet is still unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory for many people.

It is up to you, the business owner, to put their minds at ease. One way to do this would be to offer an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee. By assuming all of the risk, you will earn instant credibility points with most potential customers.

Provide Contact Information
Even the best guarantee won’t help establish credibility if the potential customer cannot contact you. Post accurate contact information on your website and make it easy to find.

Provide as many methods of contact as possible; do not simply post a link to an email address. For maximum credibility, post the complete mailing address, phone number (preferably a toll free number), and email addresses for customers to use if they feel the need to contact you.

Provide a Brief Bio
Familiarity is one of the most effective tools for building credibility on the Internet. How do you establish familiarity in a faceless, impersonal medium like the Internet? Simple, tell people about yourself.

Post a page that provides a thumbnail sketch that describes who you are. Be sure to include personal data as well as professional credentials. Place your photo on the page so people can put a face in your name.

Creating familiarity will impart another level of credibility for you and, by extension, for the product you represent. In this chapter, we looked at how to build your website and explained many of the elements your website must contain to be effective.

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