AdSense Passive Income

AdSense Passive Income Profit Improvements Formula B.F.P.

How to increase your AdSense passive income with Google. Look at your Google AdSense account and look at your monthly stats.
There will be three key areas that contribute to your earnings:

1. Impressions.

2. Click-throughs.

3. Effective CPM.

If you improving your stats in any of these area. Or preferably all of these three areas.
And this will increase your AdSense passive income.


Impressions are the number of times your website with AdSense ads have been viewed.
You can increase Impressions by increasing traffic. Send targeted traffic to your website.AdSense-Passive-Income
Here is some good ways to increase targeted traffic to your website:

Create more webpages for your site, with relevant focused content.
Get some more links to your website.
list your website in relevant categories in more search directories.
Set up a directory of relevant sites on your website and accept relevant reciprocal links.
Write relevant articles, with your site information at the end of each article and a link back to your site.
Submit your articles to lots of directories.
Advertise with pay per click search engines like Google’s Adwords. Yahoo-Marketing and all that you can find.


Click-throughs are the percentage of visitors who click on your AdSense adds. You can increase Click-throughs
by increasing the relevance of AdSense ads on your site. By tweaking the format and placing of your ads.

Although you can’t know for sure which AdSense ads show on your site, you can influence the relevance
of the ads by maintaining a tightly focused website.
If every page on your website focuses tightly on the site topic, its more likely that the Adsense ads will too.
For example, if every page of your website is about “AdSense passive income”, and these words appears several
times on every pages, its likely that your AdSense ads will relate to AdSense passive income.

The best way to tweak your add format and placement is to use AdSense Tracker. Then test, test and test again.
People who have done this tend to suggest that the best format is the large rectangle.
And also with background and border the same color as the website pages. So that the adds blends into the page.
The best placement is towards the center or top left of the first screen of the page. Try these suggestions first,
and then track and test, to be sure of what works best for your pages.

Effective CPM:

Effective CPM is a measure of your average earnings per thousand clicks. You can increase your Effective
CPM by selecting topics that attract high bids from AdSense advertisers.
Building more pages for your websites on higher paying topics.

Google doesn’t release information on AdSense bids. But you can get a good idea of the high paying topics
by looking at information on Adwords bids.
There are a number of keyword research tools available that can help you find high paying topics.

The Formula:

So now you have the basics of increasing your AdSense Passive income. The formula is simple BFP:

1. Build pages and websites on high paying topics for the best Effective CPM.
2. Format and placement of your AdSense adds for maximum Click-throughs.
3. Promote your sites to drive targeted traffic to your AdSense webpages for maximum impressions.

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