Financial Freedom: is it a Dream?

Financial freedom, almost all of us go to work everyday and stuck in the same routine over the years. With the salary that we earn, we try to pay all of our bills. We always expect to get a higher salary, getting promotion or that our business is running better so we can earn more income.

But we do not realize that when we get more income, we also spend more money on our needs. After we work for two, five, or even ten years we realize that we have been catch in the trap of our financial troubles.

So, we think that being financially free is only a dream, but it can be a reality. We don’t want to start to enjoy our life when we retire after 45 years of hard work to have financial freedom!

What if you can get your financial freedom faster than that? What if  you can get it in 5 years? Wouldn’t it be interesting for you?

There are few steps to achieve financial freedom.

Financial FreedomFirst, you have to get the right mind set. Your mind set is what you are. You have heard old saying “You Are What You Think You Are”. This is true when you think that you will always be poor then you will always be poor.

When you think that you are a loser then you always will be a loser. When you think that you are short then you’ll always be short. You see what that means?  You can get your dream, which is Financial Freedom, only if you set your mind to the positive way.

You have to believe in yourself and think that is possible for you to achieve it. From that kind of mindset  you will get different power in yourself and attitudes that will guide you until you achieve your goal.

Second, if you do have the right mind set you have to change a bad habit. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it! Our society nowadays has a brand new habit that did not exist centuries ago.

We can spend our money before we earn it! That’s right; I am talking about credit cards. If possible, cut all the credit cards that are not in used. We can be involve easily in this financial trap. We have to be discipline by only keep one or two credit cards that we use often only for emergency.

If you use your credit card, do it in your current budget. A lot of people are trapped because they use their credit card based on their ‘future’ budget.

Third, don’t put your money in the bank for too long. We often forget that if we put our money in the bank, its value will be decrease  fast. The interest rate that the bank gives is far less than the inflation’s rate each year. We always have to be smart about our money. The bank doesn’t care about our money; in fact, they make the most profit from our money.

We have to find the perfect investment. I suggest you to go to your financial ad visor and ask for the best option. He will seek your needs and can give you advice about investments that are suitable to your needs.

Fourth, if we really want to have financial freedom, we have to earn a passive income. There are several ways to earn passive incomes. First we can create our own company that can run without us.

So, in short time you can create a system that work for you. It doesn’t have to be big; you can start it with a small size company, for example a groceries store. The most important thing is that you have to set up a system that works without you. Like a profitable website, that can make you earn even when you are asleep.

Another way to get a passive income is the franchising business. Franchising nowadays increased tremendously in the past few years. This industry gives the owner the possibility to adapt a system that is already being established and proven. If you don’t want to build your own system, you can buy a franchising and run it.

Last but not least, you can always join network marketing. Network marketing is very reasonable for people that don’t have big capital. Opening your own business or franchising a business could cost you a fortune.

But network marketing usually cost very little to start. You can always find a good network marketing company and stick with the company for 5 years. There you can learn how to build your network and achieve Financial Freedom.

These are some but important steps that you can follow to achieve financial freedom. Every journey starts with a small step. Don’t waste your time, because time is precious and we can’t turn it back.

Following these four simple steps will help anyone achieve there goals and the financial freedom they have been looking for.

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