Prepare A Business plan If you own any patents or copyrights, include copies of these. How To Prepare A Business Plan That Guarantees Profits Part 4 Of 5

Prepare A Business Plan Part 4 Of 5

Projected Profit & Loss/Operating Figures:

Prepare a business plan following this explanation. You’ll need to itemize the projected cost and income figures of your three year plan. It’ll take a lot of research, an undoubtedly a good deal of erasing.

But it’s very important that you list these figures based upon thorough investigation.

You may have to adjust some of your plans downward. But once you’ve got these two chapters on paper, your whole work to prepare a business plan will fall into line and begin to make sense.

You’ll have a precise “map” of where you’re headed. How much it’s going to cost, when can you expect to start making money, and how much.

Prepare A Business PlanNow that you know where you’re going.

How much it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to be before you begin to recoup your investment. You’re ready to talk about how and where you’re going to get the money to finance your journey.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll want to use this chapter to list the possibilities and alternatives.

Explanation of Financing for Growth:

How you have prepare a business plan make a list of friends you can approach, and perhaps induce to put up some money as silent partners. Make a list of those people you might be able to sell as stockholders in your company.

In many cases you can sell up to $500,000 worth of stock on a “private issue” basis without filing papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Check with a corporate or tax attorney in your area for more details.

Make a list of relatives and friends that might help you with an outright loan to furnish money for the development of your business.

Then search out and make a list of venture capital organizations. Visit the Small Business Administration office in your area. Pick up the loan application papers they have. Read them, study them, and even fill them out on a preliminary basis.

Finally, check the costs, determine which business publications would be best to advertise in.

If you were to advertise for a partner or investor, and write an ad you’d want to use if you did decide to advertise for monetary help.

With listing of all the options available to your needs. All that’s left is the arranging of these options in the order you would want to use them when the time come to ask for money.

When you’re researching these money sources. You’ll save time by noting the “con act” deal with when you want money. And whenever possible, by developing a working relationship with these people.


Prepare a business plan your documentation section, you should have a credit report on yourself. Use the Yellow Pages or check at the credit department in your bank for the nearest credit reporting office.

When you get your credit report. Look it over and take whatever steps are necessary to eliminate any negative comments.

Once these have been taken care of, ask for a revised copy of your report and include a copy of that in your business plan.

If you own any patents or copyrights, include copies of these. Any licenses to use someone Else’s patent or copyright should also be included. If you own the distribution, wholesale or exclusive sales rights to a product, include copies of this documentation.

You should also include copies of any leases, special agreements or other legal papers that might be pertinent to your business.

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The overall summary of your business. When the business was started, the purpose of the business, what makes your business different, how you’re going to gain a profitable share of the market, and your expected success during the coming 5 years.

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