Prepare a business plan it's best to begin where your statement purpose leaves off How To Prepare A Business Plan That Guarantees Profits Part 3 Of 5

Prepare A Business Plan Part 3 Of 5:

Table of Contents.
Next comes your table of contents page. Don’t really worry about this until you’ve got the entire plan completed and ready for final typing. It’s a good idea though, to list the subject (chapter titles) as I have, and then check off each one as you complete that part of your plan.

By having a list of the points you want to cover.

You’ll also be able to skip around and work on each phase of a business plan. Of course its your  business plan, as an idea or the interest in organizing that particular phase stimulates you.

In other words, you won’t have to make your thinking or your planning conform to the chronological order of the “chapters” of a business plan or yours another reason for the loose leaf notebook.

Business Description:

A Business Plan In describing your home business.  It’s best to begin where your statement purpose leaves off. Describe your product, the production process, who has responsibility for what. And most importantly, what makes your product or service unique.

What gives it an edge in your market. You can briefly summarize your business beginnings. Present position and potential for future success as well.

Market Analysis:

Next, describe the buyers you’re trying to reach. Why they need and want or will buy your product. And the results of any tests or surveys you may have conducted.

Once you’ve defined your market, go on to explain how you intend to reach that market. How you’ll reach these prospects to your product or service and induce them to buy.

You might want to break this chapter down into sections such as.  Publicity and promotions, advertising plans, direct sales force and dealer/distributor programs. Each section would then be an outline of your plans and policies.


Moving into the next chapter on competition, identify who your competitors are. Whats their weakness and strong points. Explain how you intend to capitalize on those weaknesses and match or better the strong points.

Talk to as many of your “indirect” competitors as possible, those operating in different cities and states.

One of the easiest ways of gathering a lot of useful information about your competitors. Is by developing a series of survey questions and sending these questionnaires out to each of them.

Business Location:

Later on, you might want to compile the answers to these questionnaires into some form of directory or report on this type of home business.

It’s also advisable to contact the trade associations and publications serving your proposed type of home business. For information on trade associations and specific trade publications, visit your public library, and after explaining what you want ask for the librarian’s help.


The chapter on management should be an elaboration on the people operating the business. Those people that actually run the business, their job, titles, duties, responsibilities and background resumes.

It’s important that you “paint” a strong picture of your top management people. Because the people coming to work for you or investing in your business will be “investing in these people” as much as your product ideas.

Individual tenacity, mature Judgment under fire and innovative problem-solving have “won over” more people than all the AAA Credit Ratings and astronomical sales figures put together.

People becoming involved with any new venture want to know that the person in charge. The guy running the business knows what he’s doing, will not lose his cool when problems arise, and has what it takes to make money for all of them.

After showing the “muscle” of this person, go on to outline the other key positions within your business. Who the persons are you’ve selected to handle those jobs and the sources as well as availability of any help you might need.

Current Financial Records:

If you’ve been in business of any kind scale, the next chapter is a picture of your financial status. A review of your operating costs and income from the business to date. Generally, this is a listing of your profit loss statements for the six months.

Plus copies of your business income tax records for each of the previous three years the business has been an entity.

Explanation of Plans For Growth:

The chapter on the explanation of your plans for the future growth of your business is just that. An explanation of how you plan to keep your business growing. A detailed guide of what you’re going to do and how you’re going to increase your profits.

These plans should show your goals for the coming year, two years, and three years. By breaking your objectives down into annual milestones, your plan will be accepted as more realistic and be more understandable as a part of your ultimate success.

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