Getting Started: Making Your Website Attractive, Interesting... The first step towards creating an online business is building a website.

Building A website:
Making Your Website Attractive, Interesting, Engaging and Interactive

Building A Website for Speed. Target your Market. Focus the Site, Credibility Is Crucial. Navigation should be simple. Consistency is the key and Content is the King. Make your website interactive and personalized.

Objectives of a Navigation System Navigation. Location Indicators. Navigation Controls And Leads to obvious content.

The first step towards creating an online business is building a website. Well that isn’t as complicated as it sounds. When I built my first website, I thought Javabuilding a website was a type of coffee and HTML the name of a robot in Star Wars.  Lol I’m a programmer and speak all of those languages.

Here I’ll discusses how to begin the process of creating your first website, are you can contact me for help if you don’t want to do it yourself.

To succeed with your online business (whether you are selling your own product/service or are selling for other merchants as an affiliate). You need a website created just for that a simple focused site. Your website should be easy to build and maintenance with a low cost and a powerful traffic builder and customer converter.

Having the right tool and the right product alone won’t ensure the success of your website. There are many factors to be considered while designing a site. Unfortunately, most of these are often ignored by Internet business owners when building a website.

Building a website for Speed It’s a fact of modern life people are in a hurry. This means that you have between 3 and 5 seconds to capture your potential customer’s attention. To minimize your load time keep graphics small or you’ll have to pay for a CDN service.

Compress them where possible and call them from CSS. Use flashy technology (JavaScript, Flash, Streaming Audio/Video, animation) sparingly and only if it is important to your presentation.

Target your Market Know who your market is and make certain that your site caters to their needs. It is critical that your site reflect the values of your potential customers. Is your market mostly business professionals?

If so, the site must be clean and professional. Is your product aimed mostly a teenagers and young adults? Then your site could be more informal and relaxed. The key here is to know your market and build the site to their preferences.

Focus the Site – Building a website make certain your website is focused on a primary goal. Selling your product or service. A site offering many unrelated products is not necessarily unfocused, but this is often the case. If your business does offer many products dedicate a unique page for each instead of trying to sell them all from one page.

Credibility Is Crucial – building a website the most professionally designed website won’t sell if your customers don’t believe in you. A clear privacy statement is one way to build your credibility.

Provide a prominent link to your privacy statement from every page on the site as well as from any location that you are asking your visitors for personal information. Provide legitimate contact information online.

Navigation should be simple – Building a website make your site navigation easy and intuitive. Simple and smooth navigation adds to the convenience of the visitors. Add powerful search and catalog features. Visitors usually don’t have the patience to navigate through the whole website to find what they are looking for.

Consistency is the key – Make sure the site is consistent in look, feel and design. Nothing is more jarring and disturbing to a customer than feeling as if they have just gone to another site. Keep colors and themes constant throughout your website.

Make your website interactive and personalized – Add comment forms as well as email forms that allow your prospective customers to ask you any questions they might have pertaining to a product. Personalization of your website is another key element that can build your visitor’s trust and increase your sales.

Personalization technology provides you the analytic tools to facilitate cross-selling and up-selling when the customer is buying online. It would give you an idea of what products to cross-sell and up-sell. For example, when a person buys a MP3 player a USB storage can also be offered.

Content is King – Good content sells a product. Ask yourself the following questions. Does your copy convey the message you wish to get across to your visitors? Is it compelling?

Does it lead your visitor through the sales process? Have others review critique and edit your copy to insure it is delivering the intended message. Always double check your spelling and grammar.


The aim of building a website navigation is simply to allow users to get to the content they require. For sites that have a large number of sections and web pages (and information sites can be one of these) the navigation plan has to be properly researched and designed.

Choosing domain name can spell your success on the Internet.
A good domain name is the best asset you can ever have. It can make your business stand out in the crowd, or just float aimlessly in space.

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