Small wine canteen at home

Small Wine Canteen At Home: Have Fun With Great Wines And Build Your Own Small Wine Canteen.

Small wine canteen at home: Starting with about 30 bottles, then it get up to 80 bottles in a dark and cool corner under my stairs and then as my collection grows, I move into the back of my garage. I do this from pure passion. Most of my wines are Italian and French, but I also have a few bottles from Spain, Australia, Chile and California.

Umbria and Tuscany I love those regions. The land and spirit of the people make great wines and great small wine canteen. The land are well kept secret from the medieval. On my free time I love to take the pleasure and time to discover the small villages and cities.

And to tour their beautiful vineyards and canteens. Each of their wines came from specialized vineyards, meaning that they do not wait until the wine is produced to decide how to use it.

But they start in the vineyard: vine are cultivated according to type of soil and microclimate to obtain the desired characteristics. They put into every bottle the strength of character and the beauty of there hillside. And that my wine lovers goes straight into my small wine canteen.

Alongside their wines, in the context of the mediterranean diet. It is their traditional lines of specialities and gourmet products. When leaving their villages and cities my vehicle is always overload, and my small wine canteen is always happy when I get home.


Italian Wines From Small Towns. I love to visit the small towns of Italy, and enjoy the local restaurant and there finest wines.
Wine Cellar In Tuscany this is one of the wine cellar in Tuscany, that I love to visit. I love there 50/50, chardonnay, and mostly all of their productions.

Wine Fermentation In Barrels During my trip in Tuscany I had the pleasure to visit this amazing canteen built underneath a cave to preserve the right environment of the wines.

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